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Dear Friends,

On August 13, 2017, I suffered a pinched nerve in my back. Over the next several weeks, I met with several doctors and finally had 3 injections in my back. The pain subsided over several weeks but due to not using my leg for an extended time, I had difficulty in walking and had to start using a walking cane. Here on July 19, 2018, I am just now able to walk around the house without the cane, but must use in if I walk very far.

My previous engagement was in June of 2017, so my guitar skills and remembering lyrics need a lot of attention if I am to starting performing again.

But now that I am so much better, I am starting to book some shows in the fall of 2018.

These are shown on my schedule. I hope to see you soon.

The Melody Trail has been a rough ride over the previous 11 months, for sure.


“The Oklahoma Balladeer”
2010 Inductee into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame