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Recent news from Les:

December 7, 2007.

On Oct 31, 2007 I had surgery in Plano, Texas (north Dallas)  to replace the cup/socket of my left hip. So why did I go to Texas you ask. Because my previous hip surgery in 1992 had been done by this group of doctors to whom I had been sent by an Oklahoma City doctor. The next day, on November 1, 2007, I had a heart attack in the hospital. On Nov 8, I had triple bypass surgery. On Nov 16, they installed a defibrillator/pacemaker. We were very pleased with the outstanding team of doctors and nurses at the Plano Presbyterian Hospital (surgeries) and the Plano Baylor Heart Hospital (defibrillator). Then I spent two weeks in a rehab unit in Ft. Worth near our daughter Julie. We returned to Oklahoma on Friday, Nov 30, 2007. I am in the recovery/healing phase and bound to a wheelchair because I can't put weight on the left leg (hip) and can't be lifted by my arms or shoulders because of the bypass surgery. Martha slides me out of bed to the wheel chair on a board 3ft long and 9 inches wide and puts me back in bed the same way. I will return to Plano for Dr. visits early Jan. Just when I will be fully recovered is unknown and depends on several factors related to the healing process. I really appreciate your prayers, cards and phone calls. I'll try to keep you informed here on my website.