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Recent news from Les:

January 28,2008


Our trip to Texas on January 10 to see three doctors was very successful. The cardiologist and heart surgeon both said I am doing great and that I can now use my arms and shoulders and not be confined to the wheelchair. The hip doctor wants me to stay on the crutches for a few more weeks. But now I can get in the van and go with Martha on her errands. Also, the Texas heart doctors suggested that I find heart doctors closer to home so I am now under the care and watchful eye of a cardiologist and electrophysiologist at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital in Oklahoma City who were recommended by our family doctor. I am taking lots of pills but so are many of you. Doctor Martha sends her love and we sure appreciate all your prayers, calls and cards. I received over 300 get well cards.

I will be in Lawrence, Kansas on February 24 with my band. Also, a newsletter will be coming to you in the next few days.