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September 2001

Hello Friends -

This is a challenging time for all Americans. Some of us remember December 7, 1941 and recall how our country rose up to defeat the evil powers. Now again we must rally to support our officials and those who risk their lives for us as they track down and bring to justice those responsible for the acts of terrorism against us. With prayer and determination, our country will remain strong. Let us do all we can to help those in need and to leave a legacy of freedom. May God Bless America.

Martha's third cookbook is now available. This one is titled "Cooks on the Range" and is the third in the series. The first two were titled "Home on the Range" and "Back on the Range". This new one contains over 850 recipes, most of which were contributed by friends and fans from our travels. The price is $12.50, postage paid. Send your orders to Martha Gilliam, P.O. Box 350, Ponca City, OK 74602.

My recording of "The Cowboy Hit Parade", the top ten all time favorite western songs, has been available on video and cassette. In response to many request, this recording is now available on CD. See the reverse side for details on ordering any of my products.

We are looking forward to the annual Cowboy Film and Music Festival in my hometown of Gene Autry, OK. As in the past it is held each year during the last weekend of September to honor Mr. Autry on or near his birthday of September 29. Hope to see you there.

More great news regarding Silver Dollar City in Branson. In 2002, the Great American Music Festival is being moved to the fall and combined with the Craft Festival. My band and I have been booked for October 1-26, 2002 (closed Mondays). We will be doing 4 shows per day in the Heritage Hall, the newest venue at Silver Dollar City. This will be the sixth consecutive year for my Silverlake Band and I to perform there.

I would like to express my appreciation to all of you who have attended any of our performances these past few months. It is so good to see old friends and to make new friends.

If you would rather receive our newsletter by email, please send a note to me at: I just found out that first class stamps will rise to 37cents on Jan. 1 so email will be faster for you and help my budget.

When I was performing at the Prairieville Farm Days in Michigan recently, someone wanted a copy of Hank William's recording of Beyond the Sunset. Unfortunately, I lost the name and address. So if it is you, let me know.

If you are a Roy Rogers and Dale Evans fan and have access to the Internet, you may want to click on <> and read the letter written by Roy "Dusty" Rogers, Jr. regarding problems with the IRS and taxes on his parents' Estate. Dusty and I have done several shows together and my heart goes out to him and his family during this trying time.

On the reverse side is shown my current schedule, as of this date. I try to update it around the first of each month on my website <>.

Thanks for your support and hope to see you soon.


Adios and Keep Smiling!!

"The Oklahoma Balladeer"

Eagle Enterprises
P.O. Box 350
Ponca City, OK 74602

(580) 762-4837
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