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February 23, 2001

Hello Friends,

The year 2000 was very good to us. In September, Martha and I traveled to Austria for the 5th consecutive year. One of the shows was in the Napoleon Restraurant in Vienna. This was the same building which Napoleon used as his headquarters when he conquered Austria in 1804. Although the building has been remodeled and modernized, the basement certainly gave evidence of its age. We love the people of Austria.

Highlights of 2000 included Silver Dollar City in Branson, Prairieville Farm Days in Michigan, tributes to Dale Robertson and the late Rex Allen, and the annual Gene Autry, Oklahoma festival. And I want to thank each of you who sponsored or attended one of our shows. It is a real privilege to serve you.

The trip to California to do the Bakersfield Opry was so special . We will never forget our visit with Dale Evans, who recently passed away. And the time spent with my buddy Ancel Cook and his family was precious, since we lost him just a few days ago.  And Mr. Autry’s staff sure made us feel welcome.

In the last few weeks I have sung at 5 funerals. I am always willing to do so when I am available, but losing good friends makes us pause and cherish each day. 

Martha is now working on her third cookbook She would like for every one of you to send some of your recipes to be included. Please send several in case of duplications. And if there is a story or history related to the recipe, send that also so it can be include in the book, along with your name. She needs them now, that is, ASAP.

I have just finished recording my 5th Album It will be a gospel album to be titled “Railway to Heaven”. We are expecting the release to be in late April. It will be available on both CD and Cassette. I have already received several orders. 

Thanks again for your friendship and support. I sure hope to see you soon and hope 2001 is the greatest year yet for you and your family.

Adios and Keep Smiling!!
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