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March, 2000

Hello Friends,

We recently discovered that our previous newsletter listed an incorrect date for the  Cowboy Gathering in Mt. View, AR.  Please note that the correct date is March 31 and April 1, 2000. Come if you can.

On Jan.8, I was asked by Rex Allen, Jr. to come to Willcox, AZ to pay tribute to his dad, the late Rex Allen, Sr. Also on the show were Roy “Dusty” Rogers, Jr., Johnny Western, Sons of the Pioneers, Don Edwards, Belinda Gail and others. It was a special time for us all. We sure miss Mr. Rex.

I have completed the recording, mixing and mastering of my next (4th) album. It will be available by the Mt. View, AR. show. It is a mixture of cowboy and country and also includes gospel and comedy material.  Great pickers on the album include twice Grammy winner Byron Berline, Steve Short from Reba’s band, Charlie Archer who played 20 years for Conway and other professionals. It will be available on both CD and Cassette and will contain 15 songs. The title is “Reflections of Life”.

Martha’s second cookbook “Back on the Range” is really popular. It contains 850 recipes and folks are loving it. Contact her at the address below if you would like one (or more). The price is $12.50, ppd.

Recently, the Oklahoma Today Magazine published a special edition featuring the 50 Most Influential Oklahomans of the Century. The selection process involved a panel of 30 Oklahomans and their task was no doubt very diffiult. Among the group was Mr. Gene Autry, who grew up in Southeastern Oklahoma and started his career on KVOO Radio in Tulsa as “Oklahoma’s Yodeling Cowboy”. He used that title up until he started making movies. On February 9, the Awards Ceremony was held at the Petroleum Club in downtown Oklahoma City. It was an honor for me to accept the award on behalf of Mrs. Autry and the Gene Autry Organization.

My Schedule

I usually list only the public events on my schedule. But for those who have asked, this time I am listing all my bookings in 2000, thus far. The public shows are marked (p).  Yet to be confirmed appearances are shown as ??.

2000 Bookings To-date

Mar 4  Western Reunion, Sand Springs, OK
Mar 4  Akdar Shriners, Tulsa, OK
Mar 9 Triangle Serum, Pawhuska, OK
Mar 11 Kingore Wedding, Kellyville, OK
Mar 16  Newport Fundraiser, Ponca City, OK
Mar 25  Dale Robertson Tribute, Yukon, OK(p)
Mar 25  Farmers Coop, Perry, OK
Mar 30  Kay Co. Cattlemen’s, Ponca City, OK
Mar 31/Apr 1 Ozark Folk, Mt. View, AR(p)
Apr 7  Ok. Arts Council, Midwest City, OK
Apr 10  Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa, OK
Apr 11  Farm Credit, Enid, OK
Apr 13-15 Farm Show, Springdale, AR(p)
Apr 19  Cleveland Elementary, Norman, OK
May 5  Farm Credit, Altus, OK(band)
May 13-26 Silver $ City, Branson,MO(band)(p)
May 27  Murray College, Tishomingo, OK
??Jun 3  Bakersfield Opry, Bakersfield, CA(p)
Jun 9  782nd Tank Battalion, OKC
Jun 10  Cowboy Gathering, Elkhart KS (p)
Jun 14  Mozart Fest, Bartlesville,OK(band)(p)
Jun 15  Barbie Doll Convention, Tulsa, OK(band)
??Jul 24-30 Illinois St. Fair, Springfield, IL(p)
Aug 11  Arts Council, Lake City, CO(band)(p)
Aug 31  Leadership OK, Seminole, OK
Sep 1-3 Prairieville Farm Days, Kalamazoo, MI(p)
Sep 7-11 Countryfest, Wieselburger, Austria(p)
Sep 16 Pioneer Days, Wakita, OK(band )(p)
Sep 21 Fallfest, Poteau, OK(p)
Sep 25  Teton RV Club, Cowboy Hall, OKC
Sep 29-Oct1 Film/Music Fest, Gene Autry, OK(band)(p)
Oct 21  Good Sams Club, Shawnee, OK(band)
Nov 16-19 WMA, Tucson, AZ(p)

Adios and Keep Smiling!!
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